How We are Blessed

“Trinity First School is blessed beyond its square footage!”

Our school secretary said this comment one day after receiving a donation from a local congregation’s women’s group. For over 150 years our school has been blessed abundantly! Below is small list of how current praises and thanks to our God who loves us all so much He sent His Son to save us!


There were a lot of opportunities for the Trinity First family to come together after school this week. We had a family night with a special guest safety who presented on internet safety. It’s such an important topic to discuss and we had a great turnout! We also had another Life Group meeting. After no one attended the first meeting, we’ve had a great turnout! Those who have attended have found a supportive community and Pastor Maki has said that it’s been a huge blessing for the parents—and for him! We continue to pray for evenings like our family nights and the Life Group, that these opportunities will strengthen the bonds of our Trinity First family. We also pray that all of these events will help us grow so that we can bring glory to God in all that we do.