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Parent Education

Trinity First School believes one of the best ways to support the learning of its students is to offer support to the most important people in our student's lives - their parents/guardians!

We believe this so strongly that we not only provide this program free of charge, but we also offer a $35 tuition credit to each family that attends.

Parent Education Nights are typically held on the first and third Tuesdays each month. (Check the school calendar for the most up-to-date schedule). The evening begins at 5:00 P.M. with a dinner provided by a partner church. After dinner, activities for the children are offered while the parents gather together for an educational session. Examples of topics include:

Family Health Concerns - led by Dr. Rossmiller
Supportive Parenting - led by Marilyn Sharpe, Marilyn Sharpe Ministries, LLC
Internet Safety
Healthy Meal Workshops

Many families find it convenient to have their children attend Tiger Club (after-school program) until the Parent Education Night begins. Generally, we require families to register and prepay for this program, but we offer Tiger Club free of charge on these evenings for families who attend Parent Education Nights. If you wish for your child to stay in Tiger Club, please contact Anna VanVleet the day before the Family Night you wish to attend.