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Anna Gruen

Anna Gruen
Anna Gruen
Educational Support Coordinator
Phone: 612-871-2353 ext. 13

Mission Statement

This is my fourth year here at Trinity First. Along with some administrative duties, I also teach a handful of classes:

Base Camp: We have a new accelerated learning program called Base Camp. Trinity First prides itself in its student population that is diverse in every way, and we want to meet these students at their rate of learning. Base Camp is designed to identify students (based on several criteria including standardized test scores and teacher referrals) that could use an extra academic challenge, to create an individualized plan and goal for those students, and equip them to meet those goals. 

Music: As the choir director and music teacher, I strive to inspire children to love all forms of music. I want to empower students to believe that they CAN succeed in music, that perfect practice makes perfect, and that it's worth it. Music will be such an important tool in their lives-- to praise the Lord, to express themselves, and to connect with others and build community. I want "musician" to be part of all our students' identity.

Adult ESL classes: When immigrant parents are actively engaged in improving their language skills, it has a huge impact on their children's language abilities! Our new adult ESL classes are tailored to the needs of each parent and are geared toward empowering immigrant parents to successfully navigate life in America. Contact me to sign up!