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Whom do we admit to our school?

No child is perfect, yet all are gifted! Our school accepts children eligible for preschool through the eighth grade.

It is our joy to welcome all children to our school provided that:
  • Their families will work in accord with us – that trust is allowed to build and grow.
  • Their families commit to bringing their children to school prepared for learning every day and on time.
  • The students, especially those in the upper grades, want to be here. We recognize that the parents are the decision makers and are in charge of their children. However, when students attain a certain level of maturity, we want them to choose to be here. There can be all sorts of challenges, but as long as a child is willing to work hard with us, we will work with them step by step along the way.
  • We believe we can offer what that child needs. Some children may have challenges that require more intervention than what we are able to provide.
  • The class-size limit has not been reached.
  • The age of the child meets our guidelines for our leveled Kindergarten classes.
  • The enrollment/registration process has been fully completed.