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Why Choose TFS

Not every school is right for every child and family. Finding the right school for your family may take some effort. We believe one of the best ways to discover this is to tour the schools that interest you. You should feel free to ask questions and walking through them can give you a good idea of whether or not it seems like a good fit.

Is TFS the school for your family?

See if the following statements best reflect what you want to see in your child’s education:
  • An education that is responsive to each child’s unique needs.
  • An environment that provides a structured, small-school setting.
  • Children are taught accountability, responsibility, and the importance of manners and social skills.
  • Hard work, effort, and positive attitudes are celebrated.
  • A system that sees every child as gifted by God and that even though there may be challenges, children are offered access to a high quality Christian education.
  • Parents are considered a critical partner in the education of their child. The partnership between home and school is valued by all involved.
  • The Christian faith is center of all we do. We believe that, through God, all our needs are met.